Month: September 2011


A very warm, windy, Spring day and the Dog Lizard wars have recommenced. Lizards at the bottom of our pool (one at the north end, one at the south)


ebooks – where are you?

Finished A Feast for Crows yesterday afternoon. Devastated by the demise of Brienne, missing Tyrion, wanting to upload A Dance with Dragons ready for the week’s commute/waiting for children/times when I just feel like reading. It was not available. Slightly stunned I tried for other, recently published, books on my to-read list. None available. Tried Angus and Robertson online instead, no luck there either. Finally settled for Alexander McCall Smith, which jumped out at me and which I, a sinking ebook buyer, desperately clutched at.
What is this ebook discrimination?? I don’t get it.