Month: October 2011


After a rehearsal in which I was told not only how to play the triangle, but also the cymbals, followed by a morning in which members of the Zombie Jungle seemed particularly feral, I listened to a radio discussion about humility.   The guest, Dr John Dickson,  argued for humility as an important virtue, particularly for those in leadership positions.   I particularly liked  the anecdote in which an unsuspecting mountaineer advised Sir Edmund Hillary on the correct way to hold an ice pick.   (and EH was completely gracious in his response).  Ah, to be so humble.


Dr Who, etc

As always, I’m sad about the end of the current Dr Who series, even though, for me, there was something missing. Simon, from the Incoherent Blog, said it well: it seems more about the head than the heart. Somehow the story seems more about exploring who the Doctor is, rather than letting us just figure that out for ourselves as he goes about his adventures. I’m not sure that I would step into the Tardis with this incarnation of the Doctor. Who am I kidding? Of course I would.
I’ve finally downloaded A Dance with Dragons and am happily devouring it. For a reader, it is a great pleasure to realise that you still have the better part of 1,000 pages to go. I read recently that despite our alleged growing incapacity to pay attention to anything for too long, we still prefer the novel over the short story. Perhaps, it was suggested, because you have to really focus on a short story. I’m all for short stories too, but to immerse yourself in a book is a wonderful thing.
Having been trying out GoodReads. I’m not sure about all of their recommendations, but we’ll see how it goes …