Threads from my cyberspace travels:
Supermoon. Beautiful photos abound. Also beautiful are these colour-coded maps of the planets, moons and asteroids created from spacecraft and telescope information. These two are Ganymede and Venus

Over at io9, I found Adam WarRock’s When the Winter Comes rap. (based, of course, on the Song of Fire and Ice)
I also found Zen Pencils’ wonderful illustrations.

Writers: For those of you who like to meet pain head on, try the Rejection Generator Project. But for others who just need a helping hand to improve their writing, then McSweeneys has some (reasonably) useful advice from Colin Nissan. Or, if nothing will flow, try a little Book Spine Poetry.
Unfortunately, the poetry at our house is a little repetitive.

Yes, my box of books has arrived! If you’re feeling lucky (and live in Australia) put your name down, very quickly, on the Goodreads giveaway.

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