Month: August 2012

Daisy Tintania

This skeletal but well-dressed lady from artist Michael Thomas reminds me a lot of my character Daisy Tintania in What the Dead Said. So much so, I’ve had some cards printed up and I’ll be handing them out at Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney on 30 August as part of a book signing.  Fellow Dragonfall author Gary Stowe will be there too. If you’d like to know a little more, take a look at this Galaxy post.


Have you made a choice that you feel defines your life? Not necessarily something big, but something that says: this is me. Have you made a choice you deeply regret? Do you feel that any one action can define a person? Does a choice made when younger “count” when you are older? These are all questions I’m exploring in my current book – very much a work in progress and as yet without a name! It’s entirely fictional and somewhat fantastical, but I would love to read some real life examples and gather some different points of view. I’ve recently heard some tales from thoughtful people who still remember some small wrongdoings in their past. Perhaps you have made significant choices that you feel belong to a younger you who is unrelated to the person you are now. Whatever your thoughts, I would be honoured to read them – just reply on the Choices page.