Month: July 2013

Vivian Maier

I’m fascinated by Vivian Maier’s life. Maier was a reclusive photographer who took black and white pictures of Chicago. But her work was never found until after her death in 2009. To most, she was a nanny and a housekeeper. But she left behind a secret hoard of thousands of incredible photographs which were discovered in a Chicago storage locker.

The BBC describes her as a secret poet of suburbia. There is something of the tortured artist about this story, something romantic, something fragile. It makes me wonder why she did not show anyone. It makes me wonder why I think she needed to.

Some of her pictures can be found here and here.


Music to dream by

I’ve been listening to the Wintercoats as I write. I like enveloping myself in a cloud of music. Not too loud, not too fast, not too many words. I helps keep away the pull of distraction, keeps me on task. I’ve listened to Josh Ritter and Isbells at other times. And I’m a bit in love with the Heritage Orchestra too. (could be a BladeRunner bias)
Any suggestions?