29 October

Dear Maxx,

Forgive my self indulgence. It was wrong of me to become so maudlin, but you are partly to blame for insisting on regular correspondence.

In any case, my mood has improved. I have gone out of the house. I have dined (with Mr Chang at what he calls his Midnight Restaurant) and I have received cryptic communication from one of my neighbours. A child, I suspect, as the communication was in the form of a torn off piece of paper left under a plant pot. There are delightful pictures (bees and sunflowers and an animal I believe could be Fred) interspersed with questions. All of which amount to: Who are you? You may be amused to hear that one of the questions is: Are you a ghost?

I am tempted to reply yes. Instead my reply has been suitably enigmatic. I have rearranged a patch of potted succulents in the form of a puzzle. If they can solve it, I may answer their less intrusive questions. (Do not fret, it isn’t hard, only the last move in a game of noughts and crosses.)

So, as you can see, I have not despaired. I am interacting with the world, albeit at a distance.


the Ghost Knight


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