26 November


Do you remember driving down the coast road, you and me the only two awake in the car, and the night rushing past? Flashes of grass and trees and the straight line of the road. But somehow, still, a cocoon? Do you remember that owl that flew right across our path? How it made you laugh, though I still don’t know why. And the moon that hung, large and low and straight ahead of us for miles, how it made you feel as if we kept driving we would reach it?

I’ve been thinking of that drive, lately. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s only because it is just you and me left awake now. You wouldn’t let me drive, even though you were close to sleep yourself. Every now and then I would look back and see him sleeping. And I was so stupid as to believe it would all be OK. Perhaps its only that I’ve been cooped up.

It’s been storming here. At first, a relief after the days of heat, but now dreary and even I want to go outside. And too wild for the rain to be comforting.

the Ghost Knight



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